The Loud Family + Game Theory Guitar Archive

Welcome back. Sorry for the long absence and the continuing disarray. I will get this place back in order, but I need your help. If you see any gaps that were once filled by your handiwork, please contribute again. I will put my Photoshop skills to the test and work on a new banner, too. Thanks! I am keeping backups this time. Special thanks to Grahame Davies and Jim Gossett for being much more with it than I and sending me the stuff I lost, and to Dan Schmidt, he of the golden ear, for sending in more chords than any twelve other people.

For more information on the Loud Family, Game Theory, or Scott Miller, not to mention revolutionary hair-care tips, visit the Loud Family Web Site. Now, without further ado, the rock:


Distortion of Glory

Real Nighttime

The Big Shot Chronicles

Lolita Nation

Two Steps From the Middle Ages


Plants and Birds and Rocks and Things

The Tape of Only Linda

Interbabe Concern

Days for Days

Attractive Nuisance

All of the above (zipped)